Crush Injury


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Crush Injury
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11year-old male involved in 4-wheeler accident seen in center 3 days after trauma. Right foot involved in degloving injury with broken metatarsal head, muscle, tendon, and fascial involvement. Surgical closure with fixation pins done prior to first visit.
- Peri-wound area erythematous
- Moderate sero-sanguinous exudate
- Intense pain with touch.
- Strong pedal pulses
- 2+ pitting edema
- Room-air TCpO2- 20 mmHg
03/21/02 Initial assessment. HBO initiated BID. Inchamber TCpO2 achieved 760 mmHg at 2.5 ATA. Wound measurements are 12 cm x 8.2 cm x 0.2cm.
03/22/02 Infectious disease consult resulted in IV clindamycin and cefotaxime.
03/25/02 HBO reduced to once daily treatments.
Surgical debridement.
04/07/02 Wound measurements 3.2 cm x 5.0 cm x .4 cm. Surgical debridement.
Plastic surgery consult for split-thickness skin graft.
04/13/02 HBO discontinued.
05/15/02 Discharged to outpatient care.
Wound resolved. Wound healed with maturing, contracting skin graft. Referral to orthotics for custom insole.
05/23/02 Child able to return to school and playing baseball by mid-summer. He wrote us a long, sweet letter stating "Thanks for everything. If it wasnít for the oxygen treatments, I would have lost my foot. At least thatís what Mom says but I think it was all of the love from you guys".

Referral Information

Patients should be referred to the Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine at Trinitas Regional Medical Center for aggressive, outcome based wound management. Our center is designed to compliment the attending physicianís services by providing expert wound management consultation and care including the application of advanced wound care technology and hyperbaric oxygen treatment as indicated based on a comprehensive system of evidence based clinical practice guidelines. The referring physician will continue to treat comorbid conditions and provide for the patientís overall medical care. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is available specifically for the treatment of soft tissue radionecrosis, osteoradionecrosis, osteomyelitis, clostridial myonecrosis and other necrotizing soft tissue infections, compromised skin grafts and flaps, crush injuries and other acute traumatic ischemias, and diabetic wounds of the lower extremities. All etiologies of wound healing failure are accepted for evaluation and care.

Types of wounds treated include Diabetic, Venous Stasis, Ischemic, Pressure, Traumatic, Surgical and other wounds that resist healing.
Problem wound patients should be referred to the Center when:
The wound has failed to show significant progress in 4 weeks of standard care
When the wound involves deep tissue structures or is limb or life threatening
When the wound is complicated by significant comorbidities including peripheral
    vascular disease, persistent edema, persistent infection, prior radiation treatment
   to the area, or compromised immune status of the patient

To refer a patient, please call (908) 994-5480 or visit us at



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